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Early LifeEdit

Charlie was a street dog. He met Bark and they started to sing duo songs together. He made the songs. But then Bark stole his songs and went solo. He also helped Tiny on her way to her live show who thought her owner had dies

Emily Rose and TinyEdit

He has known her for a while for example she knew where he could be and knew Bark also. He seems to be  close to her. Upon seeing her again he was worried about her health. It is also possible he has feelings for her. He was at the pound trying to escape. He meets her after he saves from being hit by a train.they travel together. He sees Emily Rose again and seems happy and worried about her.

Upon seeing him and Bark singing a song he is angry. Emily says she should know. He runs away and hides. Emily finds him and talks to him. He runs into Tinys' human family and goes to NYC to see her. Thanks to Tiny he is revealed to be the one who wrote the stolen songs when he sings against Bark, his former partner and friend. He sings along with Tiny and the other dogs. He ends up going with Emily Rose on her tour.